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Photo Gallery – Fractured Realm collection

Kite houses and a homicidal goose – pictures of items from the world of Fly By Night, found on Frances's book tour.

Kite House
Kite House – During Frances' US publication tour she visited Books Inc. in Burlingame and found this this kite-propelled floating coffee house, complete with a tiny goose. They were the handiwork of a wonderful man named Christopher Stroth.

Saracen Lords
Saracen Lords – On the way to his appearance at the Edina Community Library, Saracen rehearses his role in the talk.

Treason poster
Treason Poster – A handbill created by Christopher Stroth of Books Inc. alerting readers to a treasonous goose. Saracen nonetheless escapes the evening without being apprehended.

Mosca – escaping with Saracen.