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The Town Crier's House – 2017

Events related to Frances Hardinge and her work.

New College Worcester School Visit

1st February

Meeting the students of New College Worcester was a joy. Frances thoroughly enjoyed talking with them, was given a tour of the school (complete with tactile maps), and even saw her own book in Braille.

"Here I Stand" Panel

3rd February

To celebrate the publication of Amnesty International's children's anthology, Here I Stand: Stories that Speak for Freedom, three of the contributing authors (Frances, A L Kennedy and Sita Brahmachari) appeared on a panel chaired by Nicky Morgan. The panel was titled "Here I Stand: Stories to Make a Difference".

Newcastle University

8th February

Frances appeared in an 'in conversation' event with Aishwarya Subramanian.

School Visits


A hatted author could be spotted at Kennet School in Thatcham, and at Theale Green School.

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature

6th–12th March

During her stay in Dubai, Frances visited Repton school (with architecture allegedly based on Hogwarts) where she discussed her books and writing process with Jo Wroe, and saw the students' own photo montages based on A Face Like Glass. Frances also appeared on the panel "Mystic Trees, Interstellar Trains and Vampires: YA Fantasy comes alive" alongside Philip Reeve and Ibrahim Farghali, and another in conversation event with Jo Wroe, "Twisted Tales and Spellbinding Stories".

LA Times Book Awards and Festival

21st–22nd April

Due to a late plane and a closed freeway, Frances barely made it to the LA Times Book Awards ceremony on time. She is rather glad she did, since to her colossal surprise she won the LA Times Book Prize for the YA Literature category. Her speech was a bit babbled since she had been awake for 23 hours, but everyone was very tolerant. The next day she appeared on the panel "Faith, Hope and Charity: strong girls in crisis" with Julie Berry, Sonya Sones and moderator Jonathan Hunt.

Auckland Writers Festival

15th–21st May

Frances gave two talks in the impressive, 2000-seat auditorium of the ASB Theatre, appeared in an 'in conversation' event with Kate Goldi, gave a reading and took part in a (very entertaining) salon called "Chris and Tom Write a Book" with Chris Parker, Thomas Sainsbury, James Gleick and Karyn Hay.


7th–9th September

As well as exploring the beautiful city of Mantua/Mantova, Frances participated in media interviews, and a schools programme interview by Vera Salton, with Federica Vettori as interpreter. (Green rooms in gorgeous historic mansions are also definitely to be recommended.)

Launch Party for A Skinful of Shadows

18th September

This was Frances' first ever launch party, and was held in the lovely crypt of St-Martin-in-the-Fields. There were flickering candles, lots of people, and beautiful tiny black goth-cakes.

Book Tour for A Skinful of Shadows

21st–28th September

In the wake of the publication of A Skinful of Shadows, Frances visited Latymer Upper School in Hammersmith, Sevenoaks School, Waterstones Piccadilly for an 'in conversation' event with Lisa O'Kelly from the Observer, James Alleyn's Girls School in Dulwich, Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, and the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. She also visited St Helen's School and Queenswood School, with support from Chorley Bookshop.

Gothenburg Literary Festival and Stockholm

29th September–4th October

At the Gothenburg Literary Festival, Frances appeared in live interviews with Maria Domellöf-Wik and Marta Hedener, a seminar on "Historic writing" with Camilla Lagerqvist and moderator Maja Lindqvist, a seminar on "Faith, doubt and Science" with Lena Ollmark and moderator Lotta Olsson, and a seminar on "Science and Lies" with M G Leonard and moderator Marta Hedener.

In Stockholm Frances was lucky enough to be shown around the Swedish Institute for Children's Books, with its magnificent collection of books (the oldest dating from 1601). She also appeared at an event at Lava Bibliotek & Verkstad (a library specifically geared towards young adult visitors and literature), and visited the offices of her Swedish publishers B. Wahlströms, in the heart of the city's picturesque historic quarter.

Bath Kids Lit Festival

8th October

Lauren James moderated a panel event on cosplay and fandom, featuring Frances, Lucy Saxon and Maggie Harcourt, all in full cosplay…

Guildford Book Festival

11th October

Frances appeared with fellow authors Melinda Salisbury and Irena Brignull in a YA panel chaired by Rachel Hickman.

Golden Egg Academy Social

21st October

In the British Library's Eliot Room, Frances gave a talk for the friendly members of the Golden Egg Academy, and was interviewed by K M Lockwood.

Newham Word Festival

8th November

Frances gave a talk at The Gate Library, Forest Gate, for students from local schools.

Oxford Blackwells Signing

9th November

Frances gave a signing in the shiny new Blackwells in Oxford's Westgate Centre.