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Fly by Night


A is for Arson
In which a mill is burned and Eponymous Clent finds help at unexpected hands

B is for Blackmail
In which Eponymous finds an old friend in Kempe Teetering and Mosca visits a church

C is for Contraband
In which our heroes enjoy a journey in a barge loaded with secrets

D is for Daylight Robbery
In which a number of travellers find themselves held up

E is for Extortion
In which the tongue is mightier than the pistol

F is for Fair Mark
In which Lady Tamarind feeds her crocodile

G is for Gentlemen's Agreement
In which our heroes sign a compact, and receive their mission

H is for High Treason
In which Mosca encounters two schools, one living and one dead

I is for Informer
In which Mosca is pursued up and down the river, and finds an unexpected rescuer

J is for Judgement
In which a teacher is kidnapped

K is for Kidnapping
In which Mosca uses feather-post, Saracen is recovered and Lady Tamarind risks everything

L is for Lockpick
In which Saracen becomes an eagle, Mosca becomes an animal trainer and Clent becomes very frightened

M is for Murder
In which everything collapses

N is for Not Proven
In which Mosca's bonnet is set straight, and her world is left crooked

O is for Oath
In which Mosca gives a statement to the constables

P is for Prison
In which Mosca and Saracen hide, first amongst some gods, then above some wigs

Q is for Quid Pro Quo
In which Mosca walks on water and goes in pursuit of a phantom bridegroom

R is for Redemption
In which Mosca discovers the black heart of the matter, and returns to Mandelion to give warning

S is for Sedition
In which a radical leader protests, and a coffeehouse is forced to take drastic measures

T is for Trial by Combat
In which Mosca sails in a washing tub, amid many acts of guile and gunpowder

U is for Undefended
In which Mosca finds herself in the darkest of woodlands

V is for Verdict
In which there is no happy ending